21Jul 2017

Takata Airbag Recall Rises

The Takata airbag recall is still on the rise as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration instructs Takata to order another recall. The airbag recalls by Takata Corporation, a Japan based automotive parts company, is the biggest automotive recall in history in the United States. Takata has just recently added an additional 2.7 million airbags to their recall list. This additional recall increased the U.S. figure to nearly 70 million airbags and the worldwide count to over 100 million.

Vehicles Affected by Takata Recall

The vehicles which are affected in this additional recall are vehicles made by Ford, Nissan and Mazda. The defective inflators were installed in these U.S. manufactured vehicles from 2005 through 2012. Of these three motor companies, Ford is facing the greatest impact with nearly 2.2 million vehicles being covered. Approximately 6,000 Mazda trucks are affected and over 600,000 Nissan vehicles are included. The exact numbers of vehicles which have already been covered by Takata have not been stated although less than one-third of the 70 million faulty airbags in the U.S. have been repaired. For a complete list of affected makes, models and years visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Association for an updated list. You can also look your vehicle up by VIN Number here.

Faulty Airbag Inflators

According to Takata, new testing showed that airbag inflators which rely on calcium sulfate to keep them dry could rupture with excessive force, similar to other versions, and send metal shrapnel into the face and body of the driver and passengers. Takata airbag inflators have been linked to approximately 17 fatalities worldwide and nearly 180 injuries.

Defective Takata airbags can deploy with such violent and aggressive force that motorists and occupants can suffer from severe injuries or even death. Some personal injuries may include:

· Concussion or brain injuries

· Compound Fractures and broken bones

· Neck injuries

· Facial injuries

· Rib injuries

· Spinal injuries

· Sternum (Breastbone) injuries

· Clavicle (Collarbone) injuries

Protect Your Rights

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident which involves the deployment of a faulty Takata airbag, seeking legal advice from an attorney experienced in personal injury can help to protect your rights. The attorneys at Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice and Purtz have over 5 decades of experience with personal injury cases. We have six offices located in Southwest Florida. Our offices are

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21Jul 2017

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents occur for a variety of reasons. Things such as distracted driving, drowsy driving, reckless driving and driving under the influence have all resulted in car crashes at one point in time. In fact, as per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, car accidents occur every minute of the day. Yes, that is correct. Every minute of every day, someone is involved in a car accident. While these accidents do not all result in fatalities, a large sum of them do result in injuries, property damage or legal litigation. For over 5 decades, the attorneys at Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice and Purtz have been helping victims of motor vehicle accidents seek justice.

Car Crash Statistics

· There were 35,092 fatalities from motor vehicle crashes in 2015. (NHTSA)

· In 2015, 96 people died each day in motor vehicle crashes and 6,700 people were injured. (Insurance Information Institute, III)

· In 2016, motor vehicle deaths estimated to be the highest in nine years. (National Safety Council, NSC)

· In the United States, over 1,600 children under the age of 15 die in road crashes each year. (Association for Safe International Road Travel, ASIRT)

Car Crash Statistics by Driver Behavior

· Speeding – In 2015, 9,557 people died in speed-related accidents (NHTSA)

· Drunk Driving – 10,265 lives were lost in 2015 due to alcohol impaired driving crashes (NHTSA)

· Running Red Light – More than 900 fatalities and 2,000 injuries result from running red lights (IIHS)

· Distracted Driving – In 2015, 3,477 people died and 391,000 people were injured due to distracted driving (NHTSA)

· Drowsy Driving – Studies have shown that 37 percent of drivers report having fallen asleep behind the wheel at some point in their lives (AAA)

· Cell Phone Use – Cell phone use contributes to 1.6 million crashes each year (NSC)

· Aggressive Driving – 66% of traffic fatalities are due to aggressive driving (Safe Motorist)

Auto insurance industries estimate that over the course of a driver’s lifetime it is likely that each motorist will be involved in 3-4 auto accidents. If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, there is a chance that the accident is due to the negligence of another driver. Should this be the case, it is important to seek legal advice to protect your rights.

Who to Call

The attorneys at Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice and Purtz are here for you. If you have been a victim in a motor vehicle accident and are suffering injuries, contact our experienced personal injury lawyers. We are available to answer any questions that you may have regarding the auto accident and can help you protect your legal rights. We have over 5 decades of experience with personal injury cases and can handle the insurance companies and investigations while you concentrate on your recovery. We have six offices across Southwest Florida. Our offices are located in Fort Myers (two offices to serve you),

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13Jul 2017

Public Bus Accidents

Millions of Americans rely on public buses every day to get to work, go to school, or just get from one place to the next. In general, riding a public bus is very safe. In fact, while passenger vehicles yield 6.53 deaths per billion passenger-miles, public buses only yield .2 deaths.1 However the omnipresence of buses for city dwellers is not without risk.

If you are someone who drives in an urban area and frequently shares the road with buses, your assumptions about when to be at high alert for bus collisions may be incorrect. In reality, of the 2,405 bus collisions in 2002 and 2003, 80 percent occurred in clear weather conditions, and 90 percent occurred with substantial lighting (either daylight or adequate street lighting). Drivers should be the most vigilant, according to a study by the National Transit Database, when at intersections, as this is when most bus collisions occur. Driving alongside public buses also can result in property damage. Those same 2,405 collisions resulted in over 15 million dollars in damages.2

Any public safety concerns caused by public buses are not limited to drivers. Pedestrians in the city should be cautious and watch for buses as they cross the street. In 2013, 64 pedestrians were killed by buses. Due to their size and visibility limitations, buses have a higher percentage of fatalities resulting from a rear or right side collision to a pedestrian.3 It is imperative, therefore, to be aware of your surroundings while walking, in order to notice a bus from which you may not be visible.

Bus accidents are rare, but can have real and lasting consequences when they occur. Attentive driving and walking can greatly reduce the risks of these accidents.

Who to Call

If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident with a public bus, it is important to seek legal counsel to get the justice you deserve. SWFL attorneys at Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice, and Purtz have over 50 years of legal experience in dealing with personal injuries. We have six offices located in Southwest Florida. Our offices are conveniently located in Fort Myers (2 offices to serve you), Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, Naples and Port Charlotte. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

1 https://www.apta.com/resources/reportsandpublications/Documents/APTA-Hidden-Traffic-Safety-Solution-Public-Transportation.pdf

2 https://www.nctr.usf.edu/jpt/pdf/JPT%2010-3%20Yang.pdf

3 https://crashstats.nhtsa.dot.gov/Api/Public/ViewPublication/812124

13Jul 2017

Swimming Pool Safety

Summer is a time of year when many people enjoy using swimming pools. Whether to cool down, play with friends, or get some exercise, swimming pools are a popular summer hangout. According to the Red Cross however, over 200 young children die in backyard swimming pools each year.


Standford Children’s Health website provides helpful statistics to illustrate the importance of swimming pool safety.

· Most swimming pool drownings occur at the child’s home, followed by pools of relatives or friends

· Most swimming pool drownings occur between May and August

· Geographically more swimming pool drownings occur in the south or west

· Most of the children that drown in home swimming pools are between 1-4 years old

It is important to note diving is a dangerous and unnecessary risk that can result in injury or death. Poolaccidents.com reports that 6,500 children per year are hospitalized for diving-related injuries.


The Red Cross has identified several ways to increase your safety at the pool.

· Secure the pool with necessary barriers; this includes a perimeter fence, self-closing gate, and cover pool cover when not in use; an alarm is a bonus safety

· Supervise all children, and use approved life jackets for inexperienced swimmers

· Maintain pool for proper chemical levels, circulation, filtration and hazards

· Set Rules: No diving, don’t swim alone, swim with a buddy, no running, etc.

· Keep necessary safety equipment close by and know what to do in an emergency

Who to Call

Swimming pools and surrounding areas can pose many hazards leading to injury or even fatality. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury at a swimming pool due to the negligence of others, you should seek qualified legal counsel. The attorneys at Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice, and Purtz have over 50 years experience in personal injury law. Our 6 offices located in southwest Florida are conveniently located in Fort Myers (2 offices), Cape Coral, Naples, Lehigh Acres, and Port Charlotte. Call us today to schedule a free consultation.