Sharing the Road with Commercial Vehicles

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles would like all drivers to “Share the Road, so all road users can Arrive Alive!” Commercial vehicles such as large trucks, buses, and rigs have inherent limitations due to their size, stopping distance, blind spots, and maneuverability. It is important that those sharing the road with commercial vehicles operate with extra caution when sharing the road with commercial vehicles. The following safety tips will help you navigate the roads with commercial vehicles.

Safety Tips for Motorists

· Avoid the blind spots of commercial vehicles; do not tailgate CVs

· Pass trucks with care and avoid give trucks extra space

· Watch on turns and curves – trucks sometimes sway

· Watch for trucks splashing/spraying precipitation or debris

· Pass trucks from the left side for increased visibility

· Do not go behind a truck that is in reverse – the truck driver can’t see you

· Don’t get too close – trucks can sway or go backwards on hills

Large commercial vehicles such as buses and trucks present additional dangers on the roads. Trucks take longer to stop than other vehicles because of their size. Also, the lack of visibility for truck driver’s makes it tough to see smaller vehicles. With trucks and buses being much larger than regular vehicles a collision with a commercial vehicle can be very dangerous or fatal. The above safety tips will help you navigate in safer manner around commercial vehicles, however accidents do happen. If you or someone you know has been involved in a collision with a commercial vehicle due to another driver’s negligence it is important to know who to call.

Who to Call

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